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La Ventana de Inicio de Sesión

The Flexor Login Window

Enter your Flexor credentials (User ID and Password) as created by you, or provided by your Flexor account administrator and click Login. The Flexor User ID is normally your email address.

Select Remember Password and Log me in automatically at start up to have Flexor log in when Windows starts up, when used in conjunction with the Run Flexor at Start-Up option, from the Flexor task tray icon menu.

Flexor Login Window

Flexor Login window, credentials entered.

Flexor user logged in

Flexor task tray icon menu, user logged in. Run Flexor at Start-up selected.

Camrivox recommends setting Windows to show icon and notifications for the Flexor Task Tray icon, so that users can see that Flexor is running and logged in. Customize the Windows Task Tray to do this.

To always show all icons on the taskbar, Right-click an empty area on the Windows Taskbar, and then click Properties. Under Notification area, click Customize. Select the Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar check box, and then click OK.

Flexor Task Tray Icon Examples

Flexor Task Tray Icon Ready

Flexor task tray icon user logged in and ready.

Flexor Task Tray Icon Logged Out

Flexor task tray icon, User logged out.

For more information on the Flexor task tray icon menu click here.

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