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Before installing the Flexor Manager, please note the following important points:

The Installer

Once the prerequisite components have been installed, the Flexor Manager installation wizard will run. The welcome window is shown below; and clicking on Next will move on to the next stage:

Screenshot of Installation stage 1

The Install Wizard welcome screen

The next stage is to agree to the End User License Agreement. Please read it carefully, and if you agree to the terms select I Agree, and click Next to go on to the next stage.

Screenshot of Installation stage 2

Agreeing to the End-User License Agreement

The next stage is to choose a location for the installation. Most likely, the default location will be acceptable, and you are generally advised to leave the location unchanged from the recommended location. Once you are happy with the location, click on Next to go on to the next stage.

Screenshot of Installation stage 3

Choosing a location for the installation

All settings have now been configured and the installation is ready to proceed. Clicking on Next will start the installation. This will likely take a minute or so to complete.

Screenshot of Installation stage 4

Final confirmation before starting the install

A bar will show the progress of the installation:

Screenshot of install progress

Progress of the installer

Once installation is complete, the following window will be shown. Congratulations you have successfully installed the Flexor Manager software.

Screenshot of Install complete

Installation is complete

At this stage the installer will try to run the freshly installed Flexor Manager software. If  for some reason this does not happen automatically, you can run it from the Start menu by following the sequence below:

Note that on subsequent reboots of your PC, the Flexor Manager will run automatically whenever you start Windows.

** If this is the first time you have installed Flexor on your PC the Welcome Wizard will guide you through the next steps. **

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