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La Ventana Aparato y Aplicación

The Devices and Applications Window


The Applications and Devices window shows a summary of all applications and devices that are connected to the Flexor Manager software. It allows the applications and devices to be configured and managed. The window also provides scanning for new devices, so that they may be added to the system.

The window provides two views:

Below is a screenshot of a typical Applications and Devices window. It shows that two applications are connected to the Flexor Manager. Both applications are working correctly, if they were not, their icon would have a red cross through it or be missing. There is one device connected to the system, and it is also working correctly as it has a status of Connected.

Double clicking, on any Application or Device will open a window specific to that component. For example, on an IP Phone device it may typically open the Management Web page for that device. Right clicking on a Device will open configuration menus. Right clicking or Double clicking on an Application will open a configuration window for the Application (if appropriate).

Screenshot of detailed view

An example Applications and Devices window using detailed view

Below is an example of the Large Icon view of the Applications and Devices window. It is equivalent to the view above except that less information is shown. The common tasks list on the left of the window allows switching between the two views.

Screenshot of large icon view

An example Applications and Devices window using large icons view

Adding a new Device

In the Devices part of the window, right-clicking anywhere in the blank area of the window will open a menu. From this menu it is possible to add new devices. Note that all possible types of device are listed that have a valid license. If you are the Administrator for your Flexor Account you can add support for other Devices from Flexor OnScreen, File, Try or Buy or you may have to contact your supplier (or Camrivox) for licenses to use additional types of device. When a device type is selected a new window will be opened that scans for available devices of that type. Please see this section for further instructions on scanning.

Screenshot of adding a new device

Adding a new device instance

Configuring and Deleting Devices

In the Devices part of the window, right-clicking on a device will open a menu that allows that device to be managed. There are several options:

Below is a typical screenshot showing the management menu of a device.

Screenshot of choosing to configure a device

Configuring a device

These Menu's are also available in the Common Tasks area on the left of the Window once a Device is selected under Devices (see below).


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