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Búsqueda de nuevos dispositivos

Scanning and Adding New Devices

How to get Device specific instructions

The instructions for scanning and adding new devices are different for each type of device. For example, the sequence of actions to add a Snom IP Phone on your LAN will be different to those for adding an Asterisk extension. To access the specific help for a given type of device, click on the Help icon in the top-right of the scan window. The Help icon looks like this:  Help icon

Generic Instructions

In general when you choose to add a new device from the Device and Applications window, a scan window will be opened like the one below. From this window you can select a device by clicking on it; or multiple devices by holding down Shift or Control and clicking on more than one device.

Hovering the mouse over a device will show more information about that device to help you find the correct device to add.

When you have selected the device, simply click on Add and it will be added to the Flexor Manager.

Screenshot of Device Scan

Scanning for devices

If the device you wish to add is not listed, you can add it manually. You do this by clicking on the Add Manually button. A device specific window will open allowing you to add the device manually. For example, in the case of a Snom IP Phone, the IP address can be entered manually, as shown in the scrcenshot below.

Screenshot of add manually

Manually adding a device

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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