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Configuración de Reglas de Marcado

Introduction to Dialing Rules

Dialing rules enable all CTI applications and all devices to communicate using a common number format. This format is often termed Canonical Form.

Outside Line

Some systems require a number to be dialled to reach an outside line (e.g. 9). By specifying an outside line number the software will add this number when dialing out and remove it if present on inbound caller identification.

Phone Identity Location

In order to dial correctly number beginning + and to present caller information correctly it is necessary to know which country each line identity is in.

As an example - in the UK to dial internationally we dial 00, to call the UK from another country the country code is 44 and when dialing within the UK you prefix numbers with 0.

If the phone is therefore configured to be in the UK the following number would dial as indicated:

Dialled Number Number Sent to Phone
21046 21046
01223750050 01223750050
+44 1223 750050 01223750050
+44 (0) 1223-750050 01223750050
+19195551234 0019195551234

Conversely the following incoming caller identifications will be presented to applications as follows:

Incoming Number Numbers Sent to Application
21046 21046
01223750050 +441223750050 & 01223750050
0019195551234 +19195551234 & 0019195551234

Camrivox has added support for most countries in the world. If you think there is a problem with dialing support in your country - please contact support and we will attempt to improve this.

Configuring Dialing Rules

In order to configure dialing rules right-click on the appropriate phone in the Flexor Manager Devices and Applications window and select the Configure option as shown below.

Opening the configuration control for a phone

This will open a window which enables you to set configuration options for the device. This will vary for each device, but most will include a way to configure the dialing rules. For example, for a Snom phone there are options to Override the Action URL IP Address:

Device Configuration Options

Accessing line identity dial settings for a Snom phone

The configuration of dialing rules is the same for each device:

Device Dialing Rules

Configuring dialing rules

From here you can set your Prefix for Outside Line number (if your telephone system requires a number prefix to make external calls), Country and if necessary IDD (International Direct Dial code). 

Click on the following link for further information on configuring your phones settings.

When you are happy with the settings you have provided click on the Save Settings button.

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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