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Configuración Avanzados

Advanced Number Settings

Flexor Manager allows you to specify rules to manipulate the numbers sent or received via Flexor, to or from your CRM application. This means that when you click-to-dial a number, from your CRM application the number will be automatically dialled correctly for you. In the example below a New Rule is created to add 1 to all 10 digit numbers.

Advanced settings add 1

Then a New Rule is created to remove the 1 from numbers starting 1612.

Advanced settings remove 1

This is so CRM records do not have to be updated to include 1 for long distance. The local area code (612) will be dialled without adding a 1. If further assistance is required please contact support.

Internal Calls tab:

Advanced settings Internal calls tab

To configure Flexor to not journal internal calls, create rules on the Internal Calls tab to define your phone systems internal extension range.

Click on New, give the Rule a name such as Internal. Then use the number begins with and digits long data entry fields to define the number range. In the example above a call from "3456" would be seen by Flexor as an Internal number. To configure Flexor to not log Internal calls make sure Journal internal calls on Flexor Journalling Configuration is not ticked.

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