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Actualizaciones de Software

Software Updates

Periodic update checks

From time-to-time new releases of the Camrivox Flexor Manager software will be made available. The Flexor Manager application will automatically look-out for the these updates, and when one is released, a window will open open in the corner of your desktop to inform you:

Update available window

New software available window

The window allows you to update, or decline to update. It also gives you the option to not be notified about the update again, although if in the future an even newer update is released, you will be notified about that.

If you select to update, the application will download the update from the Internet and install it. If you have Microsoft Outlook CTI support, then Outlook will need to be temporarily closed during the update.

Forced update check

Although the application will periodically check for updates itself, you can check for updates at any time by choosing the Check for Updates option from the main system tray menu as described in this section.

If an update is available you will be taken to the same menu as the periodic checker, described above. If no updates are available the window below will be shown:

No updates available window

No update available window

The above window allows you to do two things:

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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