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The Flexor OnScreen Window


The Flexor OnScreen window provides access to many of the settings (via sub menus) used to configure Flexor, it also shows the other users (if other users have been added via the Portal by the Flexor Account administrator) that are connected to the Flexor Manager software. 

The window also provides a field (Dial) that can also be used to initiate click to dial. 

The various sub sections can be expanded and contracted by clicking on the "+" or "-" next to the sub section, for instance in the screen shot below "Favourites" has been contracted and the Camrivox organisation section has been expanded. 

Flexor OnScreen

Sub sections can also be re-sized by mousing over then dragging the lower border of the section (the cursor will change to up and down arrows). If a section has been hidden via the View menu then you will not be able to resize the sub section above the hidden section. Un-hide the hidden sub section, resize the section required and then hide the sub section again.

Resize sub section

At the top of the Flexor OnScreen Window are the following Menu headings; 

File, View, Options, Ayudar.

OnScreen menu headings

These Menu's are covered in subsequent chapters or click on the links above. 

The Options menu sections can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Presence Status

Users can set their Presence status to another condition (such as Away, Busy or Unavailable) by clicking on the drop down arrow list next to their name and selecting a Status from the list. A custom message can also be entered. This status will appear in the Flexor OnScreen window of the other users on the Flexor Account (if there are any). If an XMPP warning appears please review this FAQ.

OnScreen change Presence status

Send CRM Records

Users can drag CRM records to Peers so that the CRM record is sent to the Peer's screen. Either drag the icon (circled in the screen shot below) to a peer to send the current CRM Record or click on the icon to open the CRM record selection window and drag the desired CRM record to a peer in the Active Presence section. The CRM record will then appear on the peer's screen.

Select Window Icon


To initiate a Click to Dial from the OnScreen window, type, cut and paste or drag and drop a number into the field "Dial" and then click on the green phone icon.

OnScreen Dial


If the phone used supports it, calls can be diverted to another number by entering it here and clicking on the drop down list to the right of the field and selecting Forward. There is also an option to Reject. This option must be used carefully as it can lead to missed calls and should be tested before use, as not all phone devices support it.

OnScreen Divert

My Phones

Displays phone devices added via Flexor Devices and Applications. The radio button can be used to set the default phone for outgoing click to dial calls.

OnScreen My Phones


Contacts can be added and used as speed dials. Right click in the Favourites section to display the context sensitive menu that allows creation of New Quick Contacts or Sub Folders. The order of contacts can be changed by using drag and drop.

OnScreen Favourites

Contacts can also be added from the Flexor Call Summary window by clicking on the icon circled in the screen shot below.

Call Summary Favourites

Chat Conversations

Shows Chats conversations with other Flexor users during the current Flexor session. 

OnScreen chat conversations


The Active Presence section at the bottom of the Flexor OnScreen window shows other Flexor users, if they have been added to the Flexor Account via the Portal.

Chat conversations can be started by clicking on the voice bubble icon to the left of a Flexor users name (see the screen shot below).

OnScreen start chat

Example chat window:

Flexor Chat Message

Calling Other Flexor Users

Click to call to another Flexor user can be initiated by clicking on the phone icon to the left of the users name and selecting the phone to call.

OnScreen Call User

The other Flexor users Presence status will be displayed by the lamp to the left of their name.

OnScreen on a call

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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