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Administrar números de teléfono

Flexor EnPantalla Administrar números de teléfono

Edit the Phone information that is displayed to your colleagues in the Flexor OnScreen window. This allows them to call you by clicking on the phone icon next to your name in the Flexor OnScreen window, or transfer calls to you (if supported by your phone device) by dragging the transfer icon in the Flexor Call Summary window, to your phone icon in the Flexor OnScreen window.

Edit the name if required and set the Type as appropriate, for instance Desk or Work, of your phone device from the drop down list (Soft phone in the example below). Then click the Add button and set Internal, External or Notset from the Type drop down list. Then enter your extension number into the Number field (3123 in the example below). 

Remember to click Save. 

You can also add numbers for phones not connected to Flexor such as your cell / mobile phone.

Manage Phone Numbers

To prevent call information being visible to other Flexor OnScreen users, the Private tick box option must be used in conjunction with Line Privacy under General Settings, Presence and Chat tab

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