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Configurar Manipuladores URL

Flexor EnPantalla Configurar Manipuladores URL

Make sure that Flexor is selected next to Flexor Application as per the screen shot below. This allows the CRM application to send the number to Flexor.

Configurar Manipuladores URL

Flexor Manager allows you to specify different types for the numbers in your CRM application. This means that when you click-to-dial a number, the most appropriate device will be used to make the call.

To label a number as being of a particular type, prefix it with one of the following codes:

Code Type of number
tel: A PSTN number, a landline or mobile phone external to your organisation
x: An internal phone number within your organisation
skype: A Skype user name
sip: A SIP URI
iax2: An IAX2 URI

The different devices that you connect Flexor to report which types of number they are capable of working with. A couple of examples:

Most of the CRM application integrations with Flexor Manager allow you to specify a default type for numbers, to save you having to set an explicit type for every number in your database. Initially this is set to be the PSTN type.

Example number types

Sample Outlook contact showing explicit number types. The "Business" entry is of the default type, The "Home" field lists an internal extension, and the "Business Fax" field is, set to be the Skype test call service ID, as an example of how you could configure Flexor to call a skype name if required.

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