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Flexor EnPantalla Enviar Registros CRM

Flexor users can send CRM records to each other (assuming the recipient is also a valid CRM user) via the Flexor Chat window. In the screen shot below the Send CRM record icon on the Flexor OnScreen window is circled. Click on this icon to display the Select which windows to send screen. Flexor will check for open, valid CRM records in your browser.

Select windows icon

In the screen shot below, the Select which windows to send screen is visible, with a number of potential records selected. These records will have been open in the users browser at the time.

Select which window screen

By selecting or un-selecting records using the tick boxes in the Select which windows to send screen (as shown in the screen shot below), the user can choose which CRM records to send via the Flexor chat message. The selected records can be sent by using the "Drag icon to send" button. Simply drag the icon to an open chat window (also shown in the screen shot below).

Drag window icon

The screen shot below shows the case record having been sent via chat. Depending on the recipients Flexor settings the CRM record will pop in their default browser. See the option "Automatically open URLs received in chat conversations" in the section "Chat tab settings:" of the General settings section of the user guide.

Send CRM record via chat

CRM records can also be sent using the Send CRM record icon in the Flexor Call Summary window as shown in the screen shot below.

Call Summary Window Send CRM

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