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Handling Calls

Inbound and outbound calls will cause the Flexor Call Summary window to pop-up, in a location dictated by your configuration of Flexor. The contents of this window will vary based on the caller/call recipient, and whether this is an inbound or outbound call.

Various details about the call will be saved as a phone call activity record in your CRM system. These include the caller's number, the call duration, and any journal notes made during the call. 

Call Popups

Call Summary Inbound

Call Summary Window, inbound call. Before the call has been answered. Multiple possible matches. You must select a matching record, or create a new record to display the Journal window.

Call Summary Outbound

Call Summary Window, outbound call. The call has been answered and is connected, a matching record has been selected.

Call Summary IVR multiple matches

Call Summary window, multiple possible matches, including information passed from IVR.

Call summary with IVR info

Call Summary Window, record selected, including information passed from IVR

Call Summary IVR multiple matches

Calls, both inbound and outbound, generate summary windows as shown. These windows have the following elements:

The Contents of Contact, Number, CalledID, CalledIDName and IVR information can be copied by right clicking on them.

The view active record button View active record button when clicked will open the matched contact window for this call in your CRM system, in your windows default browser. Clicking on the full journal button Open full journal record button opens the CRM system call activity entry window. You can also configure Flexor to automatically open the Contact or Journal window. Which windows will open automatically (contact, journal, both, or neither) will depend on the preferences you have set in the options window available from the Flexor OnScreen, Options, Call Summary, Operation menu. If multiple records match they will be displayed in the Call Summary window. Once you have answered the call and determined who is calling, you can select the correct contact from the list, or select "None of these" if it is a new contact. Double click on the correct item or Click the "tick icon" button in the top right of the Call Summary window to confirm your choice. If you are presented with multiple possible matches, if do not select a matching record or create a new record to link the call to, Flexor will not know which record you want the call logged against.
If the number does not match a contact in your CRM system, click on the create new button Create New Icon to create a new record. You can choose the type of record created, for instance Lead or Contact. Alternatively if it suits your business process, you can configure Flexor to automatically create the type of record using the "Default record type" drop down list under the Flexor OnScreen, Options, Call Summary, New Record menu.

The refresh associated record icon Refresh associated record icon allows you to associate the call you are on with the record you have open in your browser when logged into your CRM system.

The Add to Favourites icon Add to favourites adds the contact to the Flexor OnScreen Favourites section.

The Create case icon Create case will create a case in your CRM system against the matched record.

If an icon is greyed out it might not be available because your device does not support it or because the option is not available due to the stage of the call you are at.

If there are multiple possible matches displayed in the Call Summary window you must select a match either by double clicking on a match, or by selecting a match and clicking on the green tick button Select match icon.

If the caller is not listed, click on the create new button. Once a match has been selected the Journal entry window will appear, or (depending on the settings under Flexor Call Summary configuration, Operation tab) the CRM journal screen will pop.

Call Control

During a call (whether incoming or outgoing) there are several options to control the call which are made available depending on the state the call is in. The possible options are as follows:

Call Summary on a call

Call control, active call.

Blind transfer icon
Select and drag one of the transfer icons

Drag transfer icon

Transfer icon drop

Drag the transfer icon onto the Phone icon of the user you want to transfer the call to, in the Flexor OnScreen window.

Send CRM records

Call Summary Send CRM

The icon circled in the screen shot above allows you to send CRM records to another Flexor using via the chat feature. 

Send window

The Select window (screen shot above) allows you to select which of your open browser windows you want to send to a colleague via Flexor Chat. 

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